Sermons from 2017

Luke: Stepping Into A New Season

Happy New Year!
Today we return to our sermon series on Luke’s Gospel. We will be in Luke 2:22-40, where we find the infant Jesus being dedicated in the temple. Joseph and Mary encounter not one but two prophets who have been faithfully waiting for this day for their entire lives, and who pronounce blessing on the child Jesus and the family. There are important things for us who want to live as faithful followers of Jesus, who know and complete our assignment.

08 January 2017, Duration: 00:41:25

Luke: The Father's House

Today we continue with our series Luke: The Life and Times Of Jesus Our Savior. In Luke 2:40-52 we see Jesus as a child, but already deciding for himself his priorities. His parents lose him, and find him in the temple, in his Father’s house. It’s a powerful moment, as Jesus will not let anyone keep him from his assignment and from what God the father is doing in the world. Jesus will not let us put our agendas on him either, but rather invites us to find the freedom and simplicity of following him.

15 January 2017, Duration: 00:42:23

Luke: Preparing For More Of Jesus

Today we continue with our sermon series from the Gospel of Luke: The Life And Times Of Jesus Our Savior. In chapter 3 we find John the Baptist beginning his ministry which prepares the way for Jesus. We will be looking at how we can prepare our hearts and lives for more of Jesus, and walk in the anointing of his Holy Spirit.

22 January 2017, Duration: 00:47:04

Luke: The Temptation of Jesus

Today we continue our sermon series, ‘Luke: The Life and Times of Jesus Our Saviour.’ As Jesus started his public ministry, he was subjected to an intense, sustained period of attack. Satan sought desperately to draw him away from his true identity and calling. Jesus’ weapon of defence was the same that God gives us, when we are targeted by the enemy’s attempts to discourage, frighten or distract us: the Word of God. In Scripture, we find the Father’s true narrative of who we are and what our destiny is: we are sons and daughters of God, with the same access to, intimacy with and authority from the Father as Jesus.

29 January 2017, Duration: 00:46:21

Luke: The Year of the Lord's Favour

Today we continue our sermon series, ‘Luke: The Life and Times of Jesus Our Saviour.’ We’ll look at what Jesus says he has come to do and how that is received in his home town of Nazareth. We’re prompted to see how often the things we long for in our lives are the very things we’re called to minister to the broken and hurting around us. We’ll see God’s heart expressed for the poor and the ways in which that both connects and collides with our lives.

05 February 2017, Duration: 00:42:12

Luke: Authority and Action Are Rooted In The Presence

Today we are continuing our sermon series called Luke: The Life And Times Of Jesus Our Savior. We find ourselves in chapter 4:31-44, where Jesus teaches in the synagogue, encounters a demonic presence, and ends up healing many. It’s a passage that teaches us about spiritual warfare, authority, and how when we are healed and set free, it’s for service and mission in Jesus’ name. It teaches us that we are invited into the ministry of Jesus, as we see in this passage, but authority is always rooted in the clarity that comes from time in his presence.

12 February 2017, Duration: 00:46:37

Luke: Fasting

Today we continue with our series called Luke: The Life and Times of Jesus Our Savior. Since we are about to begin our week of prayer and fasting, we will be jumping ahead a little bit, and see Jesus questioned about fasting by the religious leaders. Jesus answers with a parable. We will be studying this passage to prepare us for our week, and to explore fasting in the scriptures, and how we might use it to fuel our faith and life in Jesus.

19 February 2017, Duration: 00:48:57

Luke: Blessing, Calling, Purpose

Today we continue with our sermon series from Luke’s Gospel. In Luke 5:1-11 we see a miraculous catch of fish, which leads to a confession from a disciple, and a commissioning from Jesus. As our week of prayer and fasting comes to a close, we will be looking at what we may be called to leave behind, as we receive blessing and purpose from Jesus as He invites us into His life and ministry.

26 February 2017, Duration: 00:36:07

Luke: Responding to Jesus

Today we continue our sermon series, ‘Luke: The Life and Times of Jesus Our Saviour.’ In this passage, we see a stark contrast between those who embraced Jesus and had their lives changed by them, and those who chose to reject him yet whose lives weren’t touched. The challenge for us is to consider whether the discomfort of what he is inviting us into today will cause us to hold him at arm’s length or to embrace him. How might our lives, families, friendships, workplaces and neighbourhoods look if were to risk everything and embrace all Jesus has to offer?

05 March 2017, Duration: 00:44:40

20 Year Celebration at Belfast City Vineyard

All weekend we have been celebrating the goodness and faithfulness of God to our church over the past 20 years. We are so amazed at what he has done in us and through us, and grateful for how he has sustained us and allowed us to be part of his mission and his kingdom. This morning, as we continue our celebrations, we will be looking at the future, and dreaming about what God has for our next 20 years.

12 March 2017, Duration: 00:33:42

Luke: Who Do You Need Near You?

Today we will be continuing our series on the Gospel of Luke. In Luke 5:27-31 and 6:12-16 Jesus invites different people to be close, to be near him, to help him, to follow him. As we look at these passages we will be asking why he chose the people he did, and what we can learn from it. We will also take time to think about our own lives, who are we inviting to be near to us? Who do we need near to us if we are going to be faithful to our calling and life with Jesus? How can we do this wisely?

19 March 2017, Duration: 00:50:28

Luke: Sabbath

We are continuing with our sermon series from the Gospel of Luke, and will be looking at Luke 6:1-11. In this passage Jesus comes into conflict with the religious leader over the observance of Sabbath, and Sabbath rest. Our world is full of anxiety, fear, busyness, stress, and many of us live beyond our limits and feel like we have no more capacity. Today we will let Jesus talk about himself, Sabbath, and rest. And we talk about how leaning into life with the Lord of The Sabbath and by embracing rest actually increases our peace, hope, and capacity.

26 March 2017, Duration: 00:38:34

Guest Speaker Ben Armstrong

This week we are excited to welcome Ben Armstrong from Bethel, California to share his heart for Ireland.
Ben along with his wife, Heather, lead people into becoming world changing revivalists. Through teaching and preaching, Ben equips people with the skills and tools they need to bring the Kingdom to earth. Ben has a passion to see individuals fully equipped in living a prophetic lifestyle as well as walking in the revelatory gifts. He also loves the pursuit of God’s presence, seeing worship reach new heavenly realms, healing, living in authenticity, and the mystery of dreams and interpretation.

02 April 2017, Duration: 00:47:46

Celebrating the King, Matthew 21:1-11

This morning we observe Palm Sunday, the thrilling moment that marks the beginning of Holy Week. As Jesus entered Jerusalem, he was welcomed and celebrated as a long-awaited king. And while he didn’t turn out to be the national political liberator the people that day were hoping for, he has shown himself to be infinitely more – the bringer of true freedom and eternal life for all people. If they, even with an incomplete understanding, had something to genuinely praise God for, how much more so do we. This Palm Sunday, will we too be responsive to Jesus, without inhibition celebrating and saying yes to him as our King?

09 April 2017, Duration: 00:32:23

Good Friday

Tonight we are gathering together to remember and embrace the suffering and death of Jesus Christ for the sins of the world. We will be worshipping, praying, and waiting at the cross. Good Friday is a sober time, where we reflect on the goodness of Jesus to us, our complete need for his salvation and victory on the cross.

14 April 2017, Duration: 00:36:25

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Today we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus together. In Matthew’s Gospel we see the followers of Jesus encounter angels and experience the resurrected Jesus. We will spend some time talking about how we can respond to the resurrection of Jesus, and carry it with us always.

16 April 2017, Duration: 00:38:59

Luke: Best Sermon Ever, Part 1

Today as part of our series on Luke’s Gospel, we focus in on Jesus’ “sermon on the plain” which includes the beatitudes. These 3 sermons help us live well in the Kingdom of God, as Jesus tells his followers and us how to do exactly that. We are invited to be God’s prophetic people, part of his family that brings blessing and joy to the world, as we remain faithful unto Jesus and hungry for more of his Kingdom, and his return.
Please note that due to a technical issue the first 5 minutes of Andy’s talk could not be published. Apologies for the inconvenience

23 April 2017, Duration: 00:43:40

Luke: Best Sermon Ever, Part 2

Today we continue with our sermon series on Luke’s Gospel: The Life And Times Of Jesus Our Saviour. Last week we began to look at Jesus’ “sermon on the plain,” and saw him declare who was blessed in the kingdom of God. Today we continue looking at this famous sermon, focusing on 6:27-42. In these verses Jesus tells us how to live in his kingdom by loving sacrificially and showing the radical mercy of God to all.

30 April 2017, Duration: 00:47:48

Luke: Best Sermon Ever, Part 3

Today we continue with our sermon series on Luke’s Gospel: The Life And Times Of Jesus Our Saviour. Last week continued to look at Jesus’ “sermon on the plain,” and felt the challenge he issues to all of us who want to follow him and live in the kingdom of God. Today we continue looking at this famous sermon, focusing on 6:39-49. In these verses Jesus tells parables about who is actually our teacher and who is shaping us. He will challenge us to not only hear his words, but to learn to put his words into action in our lives.

07 May 2017, Duration: 00:39:23

Luke: Welcome Home

Today we continues with our sermon series on the Gospel of Luke, and find ourselves in Luke 7:1-17. In these passages Jesus is on the move, and he is carrying all the goodness and mercy of God with him. Jesus heals a centurion’s servant, and raise a widow’s son from the dead. Each miracle is different, but both are rooted in the profound mercy of God for his people. We want to let faith rise in us as a community as we drink deeply from God’s words to us, and embrace his mercy, hope, and possibilities for all of us.

14 May 2017, Duration: 00:43:44

Luke: The Confidence of Jesus

Today we continue our sermon series, ‘Luke: The Life and Times of Jesus Our Saviour.’ In this passage, we see how remarkably confident Jesus was. He was so certain of his identity, able even in the midst of uncertainty and opposition to experience calm and purpose. It’s an attractive confidence – and one that we have access to as well as co-heirs with Christ, Sons and Daughters of the King. Yet the confidence of Jesus is also extremely challenging: what if he boldly chooses to lead us in a direction we’d not expected or wanted? What if he disappoints or challenges us? Will we embrace the invitation of Luke 7 to not miss out, but experience blessing by embracing what Jesus is doing?

21 May 2017, Duration: 00:47:28

Luke: Extravagant Worship

This morning we continue our series in Luke exploring the life and times of Jesus. We’ll be looking at Luke 7:36-50 and how encountering extravagant worship can form and shape us and what it looks like to prepare our hearts for an encounter with Jesus.

This message was delivered by Alan Carson

28 May 2017, Duration: 00:41:19

Luke: Cultivating Good Soil

This morning we will continue our sermon series on the Gospel of Luke, focusing on Luke 8:1-15. In this passage, Jesus tells one of his most famous parables, and then explains what it means to his closest friends and followers. It is a story about a sower who scatters seed, and the kind of soil it falls into. As we engage with this parable, we as a community have a chance to think about our own lives, hearts and attitudes towards Jesus. And, we have a chance to respond, and cultivate the kind of hearts and lives that are good soil for the words of Jesus to take root in, and produce a harvest. Today we look at what we can do, to see a harvest over the course of our lives.

This message was delivered by Andy Smith

04 June 2017, Duration: 00:44:48

Luke: Calm in the Storm

These are deeply challenging times. Upsetting domestic and global events, rapid shifts in culture and the difficulties of our daily lives all make it hard not to be unsettled or worry. How can we navigate such a storm? Today we continue our sermon series, ‘Luke: The Life and Times of Jesus Our Saviour.’ In this passage, we see that Jesus invites us to come to him in the midst of the storm. To rest in his presence, hear his voice, experience his power and goodness. To exchange worry for peace, fear for confident hope. To let him transform our lives – and through us the lives of those around us.

This message was delivered by Gunther Storbeck

14 June 2017, Duration: 00:35:50

Dedication Sunday

In BCV we place a high importance on ministering to our children from as soon as they are born. This week we have the privilege of gathering as a church around families who have come to dedicate their precious little ones. These babies have known the presence of their creator God since conception when he breathed life into them. By very nature, each one of these babies is familiar with the holy presence of the Father. Today we want to consider how we as their community can bless them, pray for them and declare prophetic truth over their lives, so that they can run hard with Jesus, bringing the kingdom even now as tiny babies, wherever they are.

Todays message was delivered by our children’s pastor Katie Wilson

18 June 2017, Duration: 00:14:15