Vision and Purpose

At the Vineyard we believe that if we follow Jesus seriously and deeply, His life will be formed in us, bringing radical change and transformation.

What is more, his life not only impacts us, but as we are filled with His presence, it overflows and touches everything around us, our relationships, our circumstances, even our city and the Island we live on. So, our heart, our aim, our goal and purpose is to be and produce intimate whole disciples of Jesus who reproduce themselves and bring the life of Jesus to everything around them.

We passionately believe that a follower of Jesus knows and loves Him, receives from him, is changed by him, and because of that, goes on mission with him, turns outward and lets the life and transformation of Jesus overflow all around them.

Discipleship is all around us. It is about formation, and all people are disciples. We are all being formed spiritually all the time, whether we realize it or are pursuing it or not. We are all following something or someone, our souls and lives are on a trajectory. The question is what or who are we being formed by, and what is the fruit or outcome of that? What are we becoming, and what effect is that having on our souls, and what is the overflow of our inner life into the world around us?

The scriptures show us that a disciple is a person who is intentionally pursuing relationship with Jesus Christ; they have become his friend, but also his student, follower, apprentice. They are learning from him how to live their life His way. They are being formed and transformed by Jesus, and the trajectory of their life is towards His likeness. It is a journey of surrender, joy, intimacy, dependency, and obedience. Along the way we are made whole by his grace, and as we are shaped and formed by the rhythms of life in His Kingdom. It is also a life of fruitfulness, as what happens in our inner life overflows to the relationships communities, and environments in which we live and move. A disciple isn’t simply one who is being formed by Jesus. Because they are in relationship with Jesus, a disciple carries the His presence and His kingdom life which has the potency to change and shape the world around them. The transformation of a disciple should flow outward, and reproduce. Disciples make disciples as they are on mission in the power of the Spirit.

That is the kind of people we are, and are becoming at the Vineyard, and we take seriously our God given mission to love, influence, and shape the city and communities around us, serving them, and living out the gospel that says the earth is the Lords and everything in it, and that he loves and died for every bit of it.