Our prayer ministry teams are made up of people who are passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come here on earth, just like Jesus taught us to pray and expect.

Our trained teams are keen to pray for all types of situations, and can be found in most of our environments at any given time. Whether on a Sunday morning, at a life group, during unchained, to at any of our other environments, these folks are passionate about seeing the Kingdom break through. We have many teams that are trained for specific encounters:

Prayer Ministry Team
This group is trained to pray for people on a Sunday morning after the service, and during Unchained, our monthly worship evening. These are the folks that line the front during our ministry times after these services. You will also find members of this team either leading or participating in our Life groups. They are trained to pray for physical, spiritual and emotional healing, and are well-equipped to do so.

Intercessory Prayer Team
This group is passionate about interceding for the needs of individuals, our church, and the city of Belfast and surrounding areas. They meet once a month as a big group and can be found interceding for the service every Sunday morning and before every Unchained.

Do You Want to Get Involved?

If you would like more information, or you are interested in joining one of these teams, email us and we would be more than happy to help you get connected.