Sunday Teams

At the Vineyard we believe “everyone gets to play”. We think that everyone has something unique to give so we hope you can find the team for you.

Sunday Teams

As we serve others with our time and energy we help to create environments of welcome and care. We create the kind of places where people can meet with Jesus in a relaxed and relevant way. Being on a team also allows us to draw closer to Jesus, build relationships with others and explore who we are made to be. If you are new and looking to find a place to connect then joining a team is a great place to start.

There are lots of areas listed below where you can be on a team at Belfast City Vineyard. We encourage you to start somewhere and discover more what you’re for and what your part is to play. To get involved, email the office and simply include the area(s) you’re interested in getting involved in.

Set Up and Take Down

Without the hard work and commitment of our Set Up and Take Down teams we couldn’t provide the services we do on a Sunday morning.

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