Pastoral Care

We want everyone that comes into our community to find some meaningful friendships, places to serve alongside others, and a deep and compelling relationship with Jesus. Our plan for pastoral care revolves around these values as well and we work really hard to make sure that every environment we offer has an element where you can receive help and care if you need it.

Our Structure for Care

Life Groups: We encourage everyone to get involved in a Life Group as soon as they can, because these are the places that you will receive ongoing support and care through the relationships that you develop with the leader and the people in your group. These people that you have formed deep and meaningful friendships with, like any family, will be the people that help see you through the highs and lows of life, and vice-versa. This is not to say that they will be your only point of contact during these times, only that they will be the most consistent because of the relationships that are formed. The leaders of each group are also really good at helping you find the right people to provide the care you need, when you need it.

Serving: We also encourage everyone to find a place to serve others alongside others as soon as they can. This is a really healthy aspect of learning to follow Jesus, who teaches us what it means to serve in every sense of the word (Philippians 2:1-18). We have found that simply learning to serve others makes more room in us to make lasting relationships with people we are serving alongside, while also providing more opportunity for the Holy Spirit to fill us, heal us, and set us free as we focus on others.

Prayer Ministry: We also offer prayer ministry in most of our environments and we encourage everyone to learn to receive from Jesus when being prayed for. Ministry times are offered at our Sunday morning service , at a Life Group, in our kids ministries, and in our compassion ministries. These times are opportunities where you are given space to have someone pray for you for specific needs you have. We believe that something profound happens when we are willing to respond to Jesus in a moment and make ourselves vulnerable by letting someone else pray for us. We offer these times because we have seen people renewed, re-envisioned, healed and set free after being prayed for. This is why we encourage everyone to regularly opt for receiving ministry, especially if you have specific needs that you need help with.

What if I still Need Help?

If you are already involved in these areas but finding that you need help addressing some deeper needs, then find a leader that you trust (i.e. Life Group leader, serving team leader) and let them know what is going on. They will be more than willing to help you find an environment that suits your needs.

You can also visit the section called How Can I Get Help? for further information while you are waiting to talk to your leader.

What if I am not Connected But Need Help?

You can email us or phone the Vineyard Centre (02890454441) anytime.