How can I get Help?

At certain points along our journey, we may need to take some time to get healed and set free from some of the affects of living life, in order that we can become more effective and productive in seeing God’s Kingdom come. We have specific environments designed to provide places for this type of healing in our lives, where people are being set free from addiction, unforgiveness, fear, and hopelessness and pointed to a relationship with Jesus that is life-changing and bears much fruit in the world around them.

Once you have found a Life Group, found a place to serve alongside others, and have begun getting prayer from others, you will probably find that you are becoming a more healthy and whole person. However, sometimes the need may arise to go a bit deeper in an area that Jesus wants to address. Below are some environments that may help you when that need arises.

Gospel of Wholeness

Gospel of Wholeness is a biblical process designed to help you form a close, life-giving relationship with Jesus that releases you into more authority and effectiveness in God’s Kingdom.

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