School of Compassion Ministry

We are deeply excited to be opening applications for next year’s school of compassion ministry. All applications must be submitted on or before the 26th of May 2017. The term will run Sep 2017 – Jun 2018.

BCV compassion ministries all sit on the foundation that every individual in our city (and beyond) is of unique significance with a God given value and purpose regardless of their story or current circumstances. Our deep desire is that everyone in our city would know that they are seen, loved and celebrated. We believe that poverty of any kind physical, emotional, financial, relational or spiritual most often steals a person’s dignity and understanding of their significance to God. We therefore set out not to simple provide for physical needs but to see dignity restored. That means we look not to “fix” people but to create environments where we can connect. Where their story can intersect with ours, where we can call out the good things that Jesus has placed in them, where we can learn from what they carry and where we can help restore hope and a future.

We long to raise up leaders, dreamers and pioneers who carry these values and are able to connect them with the God given passions and desires in their hearts. If you would like to spend a year receiving teaching and training, experiencing serving and leading within thriving compassion environments and learning how to dream on behalf of the most vulnerable in your communities then this may well be for you.

You can find out more details about the year in our SOCM Details

For an application form please email here.