Storehouse is a project providing emergency food parcels, clothing and houeshold goods for families all across our city who are going without.

For almost 8 years now Storehouse has existed to provide emergency food packages for families and individuals all across our city who are living at the end of their finances and have nowhere else to turn.

The aim of Storehouse has always been to see the day when no one in the greater Belfast area has to go hungry. We are continuing to hope for and press towards that goal but we have, over the past year, also begun to provide clothing, furniture and household goods for those going without.

Our longing is to see those caught in cycles of financial poverty given the chance to get free but more than that we want every single person we connect with to know they are loved and valued just as they are. We want to interact with those who use our service in a way that restores dignity and hope and that celebrates the unique importance of every individual within our city.

Our new building in the city centre gives us a chance to not just meet needs but to celebrate lives, to build relationships and to encourage the giftings in each person we serve.

There are many opportunities to serve within Storehouse but we can all play a part simply by donating food on a weekly basis.