bAbba's (0 - 1s)

In bAbba’s, we love to celebrate babies from before they are even born. We want the babies to know how much we delight in being them with so that in turn they will begin to understand how much their Father God delights in them too! In bAbba’s, we aim to create a space where babies can respond to the presence of God, as we play with them, pray over them, listen to God for them, read scripture over them, and worship over them and with them.

As we have prayed about this room, we feel God saying that it is to be a ‘Feeding and Changing station,’ where as well as physically doing these things, we get to spiritually feed our babies and see their lives changed, as the Holy Spirit ministers to them. Put simply, we fully expect to see our babies respond to Jesus every week.
Belfast City Vineyard has been so blessed by the number of new babies in church. There is an area in the bAbba’s room with feeding and changing facilities, geared towards little babies and their parents. This includes snacks for older babies and refreshments for their parents too! We love to see parents meet other parents and their babies, and we want to serve you and support you and your family. If you are expecting a child, we’d love to pray for you and your baby too, so please call in and see us.